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Horse-Minded, Poems by Suzette Marie Bishop

The wide expanse of the Western landscape predominates Horse-Minded by Suzette Marie Bishop, opening tough vistas for human and spiritual experience.

Sample Poems by Suzette Marie Bishop

"Equestrian aerialists and auto-crash survivors populate Suzette Bishop's built environments along with ocelots and octopus. Poems pulse with particulars so plausible, their surreal transport surprises us: 'the tile floor becomes a blanket around the alchemist' or 'the cornfield, dormant, unhinges/ like a glacier.' Bishop hangs readers over an ocean cliff then asks us to examine the edge of a document. Cinematic and compassionate, Bishop's collage experiments give us the human body: its heart's cadence, its brain's lesions. No one is immune from discovery when Bishop hands over the reins of her technically trained horse-mind. A submarine designer's daughter discovers: 'whales are nothing like/ the metal cylinders you make/ for men in white uniforms/ turning to ghosts already, father,/ moving through iron passages.' Bishop is an innovative painter in these historic hybrids. She gives us our exploited natural world as if it were a new horizon."-Lori Anderson Moseman

Suzette Marie Bishop teaches writing at Texas A&M International University. Her previous book, She Took Off Her Wings and Shoes, won the May Swenson Award. As a poet and teacher, Bishop gives many readings and workshops for gifted children, seniors, at-risk youth, and for an after-school program serving a rural Hispanic community.

ISBN:978-1936370733, 144 pages, $20.00

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