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2024 Titles

Language Barrier
Bob Stanley

Lauren Rose

Driving with a Poetic License
Allison Whittenberg

Tiny, Tinny Banjo
David Breeden

Horseradish Love
Melanie Dellas

2023 Titles

Folk Gospels
Nick Hilbourn

Time is a Snake's Tongue
MaryAnn L. Miller

Prisoner Cowboy
Edward Manzi

The Tower of Babel Tipped on Its Side Turns into a Tunnel of Love
Kimo RedeR

To See What Rises
Alison Stone

2022 Titles

Field Guide to the Human Condition
Adrian S. Potter

Watchman, What of the Night?
W. Luther Jett

2021 Titles

Sarah White

2020 Titles

In Eynsham
Steve Lambert

If You Have Something to Say, Margaret
Marge Barrett

Love Unaccommodated
Genevieve DiNatale

The Future Has a Reputation
Susanna Kittredge

2019 Titles

Journeyman Vagabond Gadabout
Matt Phillips

The Laundromat
Alex Mezza

Ed Sams

Salient Points and Sharp Angles
John Zedolik

Untitled Film Still Museum
Kara Dorris

Small Waiting Objects
T.D. Walker

Morgan Christie

Jessica Goody

Singing in the Merman Cemetery
J. Marcus Weekley

2018 Titles

End Rhymes for End Times
Toni Ortner

Fractured Woman
Toni Ortner

MaryEllen Letarte

This Next Tenderness
Ellen Steinbaum

Amy Orazio

2017 Titles

MaryEllen Letarte

American Software
Henry Crawford

Laura Foley

Snow Farmer
Ben Gantcher

The Mystery of Systems
Carl Rosenstock

2016 Titles

Lives and Mortalities
Carol Frome

Poem's Poems and Other Poems
Tim Hunt

The Year There Were No Apples
James A. LaFond-Lewis

In This Room
Terry Lucas

2015 Titles

The Hermit's Way of Being Human
George Kalamaras

A Wolf Stands Alone in Water
Joseph Zaccardi

Christmas at Rockefeller Center
Kirby Olson

Mysteries from the Right Hand
Steve DeFrance

Icarus Flees the Garden of Earthly Delights
Tim Leach

The Novel
James Reiss

2014 Titles

Thirty-One Octets
Steven Wingate

Greg Weiss

Girl Who
Alison Wilkins

This Vanishing
Dave Caserio

Snow White, When No One Was Looking
Donna Prinzmetal

Wilmot Here, Collect for Stella
Christian Anton Gerard

The Tao of Twang
Tim Hunt

Have at You Now!
John Gery

Diana Raab

2013 Titles

Amber Porch Light
Gina Ferrara

Graffiti Calculus
Mary-Sherman Willis

Chris Bullard

Brightness Falls
Ellen Steinbaum

Miracle Shine
Bob Stanley

In the Event of Full Disclosure
Cynthia Atkins

My Father Was a Poet
Lester Graves Lennon

In the White Room
Elizabeth McLagan

& it had rained
Veronica Patterson

2012 Titles

Addicted to the Horizon
Mary Crow

The Century of Travel
Tim Kahl

2011 Titles

Bearable Weight
Michael Cleary

The Uncertainty of Maps
Nina Corwin

2010 Titles

The Park of Upside-Down Chairs
Alexandra van de Kamp

2009 Titles

Shelia Black

Green Diver
Peter Sears

2008 Titles

Container Gardening
Ellen Steinbaum

2007 Titles

Psyche's Weathers
Cynthia Atkins

House of Bone
Sheila Black

2006 Titles

Egyptian Compass
Pauline Kaldas

Beholding Eye
Grace Bauer

Halfway Decent Sinners
Michael Cleary

Where No One Spoke the Language
Daniel Bourne

2005 Titles

Queer Street
Toni Mirosevich

2004 Titles

Marcia Hurlow