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This Vanishing, Poems by Dave Caserio

The narratives in Dave Caserio's This Vanishing never lose touch with the evanescent pieces of experience out of which a life is formed: far from vanishing, they gesture toward what endures.

Sample Poems by Dave Caserio

"In This Vanishing, Dave Caserio returns us to that rich place from which all poetry, incantation, prayer, drama and song emerged before boundaries were defined between bard, storyteller, rhapsode or writer. That essential human joy of being transfixed and transformed by the power of a single human voice - to open us to the world, to one another, to our own 'most secret heart' - is in the muscle memory of these poems. They connect us again and again to the thousand different things that, like us, are vanishing, and remind us that, even while vanishing, we can sing."-Martin Jude Farawell

"Dave Caserio leaves no demon un-exorcised in this well-crafted examination of a poet's life. What seems like a dictum: '...the knife is the province of the juggler,' allows us to imagine each poem in this selection rising and falling as a fearsome Damoclesian reminder of our own strength and fragility. Savor This Vanishing and take it to heart."- Bart Baxter

"In poetry that is earthy and gently articulate, Dave Caserio extends his expansive gaze to create characters like William Cumbry Moss, who inhabits an abandoned subway station in New York, or Irish soldiers on a train to Gallipoli. His theme is the 'palaver we, as humans are, / That lingers in these bones.' This Vanishing, is streetwise and elegant as it ranges over the 'the long arc of seasons...of human rage, of human love, ferocity and power, of fury, silence and perhaps of mercy.'"-Tami Haaland

ISBN: 978-1625490919, 88 pages

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