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Sample Poems by Diana Raab

The Visitor

You come in the night
to whisper your kindness

into my sleeping ears,
as you hypnotize me with your eyes,

your voice, and your ways.
You rip me from a seamless sleep,

as you rustle about my rose garden,
put me in a tizzy and suddenly leave.

Your online words
are coated with warm tea

and when you visit
your limp handshake holds

unanswered questions,
while the observer
pulls feelings out of a bucket.

My shyness, confusion, and fear
envelope every inch of me.

The Wave

When we are together
my mind holds an image
of two snakes riding
the wave of desire,
wet and noisy undulations
of overt ecstasy
which enters my room
and without warning
or alarm exits like a flash.

I wonder if you feel the same
intensity which ripples
through my aged popping veins
when I feel my heart stop
at the climax of your desire
as you watch me over and over again
at the pinnacle of what I know to be
the best place for ecstasy.

All I can say is thanks for all
you bring both inside and through me.
The bliss of your healing
lives on, in my every day.


I am shivering and tingling
in the delight of you

your fluid movements
on the strobe-lit dance floor

your seductive eyes
that have stripped me

and drawn me into your power
in this horizontal position,

as my mini skirt creeps
up my legs rubbing the fishnet nylons

I wore because I knew my excitement
would need an escape

from the intensity of your desire.
I want you more

than I have ever wanted anyone
this tizzy makes me dizzy

as I ponder if it is because
you are the toxic forbidden fruit

which fills my heart with no escape
except for the explosion I share with myself

long after you are gone
back to your wife while I fantasize

about us alone once again
twisted on some hotel bed

far from the real worlds we inhabit
creating our own heaven.

What We Hide

Whatever we hide
behind our silly smiles
gets swept up
by undulating burps
looking for hidden remains
which linger long after
the joy dissipates
and love gets filled-
the ethers and pages will be hidden
for too many millennia.

This morning I miss your kisses,
the ones you never smothered me with