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Folk Gospels, Poems by Nick Hilbourn

The ghostly narratives of Nick Hilbourn’s Folk Gospels haunt the edges of the eye, making incarnational hard truths from the quotidian.

Sample Poems by Nick Hilbourn

“Nick Hilbourn’s latest collection bridges the human and the divine. Examining the way death and devotion can transmute our being, Folk Gospels offers a brilliant set of meditations. Hilbourn’s poetry rises, falls and circles with great intention and agility. I love it!”—Donald Quist, author of For Other Ghosts & To Those Bounded

“‘Whose heaven will I make?’ In Folk Gospels, moths and beast gods cross-pollinate the orchard of these darkly joyous poems. Nick Hilbourn revels in the dance of image and language needed to get close to the strangeness of being a body, a mind, a soul. This book reminds us of the lost masterpieces that we each are, how we leach, fade, transfigure, explode into the cosmoses all around us. What a pleasure to be welcomed into this particular acre of uncanny, earthly poems.”—Colin Cheney, Here Be Monsters