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Meandering, Poems by MaryEllen Letarte

cover Meandering is a collection of interwoven vignettes of family, travel, and nature presented from different perspectives as a way of understanding a complex world. Its style is spare and honed written in a variety of forms.

Sample Poems by MaryElllen Letarte

“I was moved, again and again, by the honesty I found in these poems and the decision not to turn away from or decorate life’s challenges. There is whimsy and playfulness here, as well as a great variety of forms and approach. The poet at the heart of these poems grants us the perspective of both a wise and generous friend and an attentive, dedicated artist.”—Kate Chadbourne

“Letarte's poems hit home. I almost cannot step back enough to be objective, sometimes feeling as though I wrote the words myself. Meandering is a paean to the past, a metaphorical toast raised to the people whose real lives and vivid stories offer guidance in an otherwise wild and mysterious world.”—James LaFond-Lewis

“In her poetry collection Meandering, MaryEllen Letarte explores with sensitivity and curiosity events in the lives of a family deeply rooted in New England and the Catholic faith. With deceptively simple language, she makes us ‘fall in love with a sweet spot,’ the moments of connection that make ordinary lives extraordinary.”—Carolyn Locke

ISBN: 978-1625492531, 46 pages

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