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Quench, Poems by Amy Orazio

The thirst for life in Amy Orazio's collection is never quite satisfied, but Quench takes many steps toward finding that elusive connection.

Sample Poems by Amy Orazio

"What do we do with our longing? 'This is not a metaphysical choice,' Amy Orazio writes with fearless concision, 'this is gut.' At once gossamer and earthy, exuberant and precise, her first collection, Quench, wanders strangely familiar lands. Here, rhythms and revelatory images shift in an unpredictable instant, but this is no dreamscape. Orazio neither denies nor sublimates her body, nor ours; her spirit visions return over and over again to thirst as a physical sensation of longing. Orazio walks with us to the place where 'body holds spirit,' a tangible river where 'water is the prayer / ready enough to be sung.'"-Rachel McLeod Kaminer, author of As In The Dark, Descend

Amy Orazio's work has appeared in H_NGM_N, Bitterzoet, Pidgeonholes, Synasesthesia, Ruminate, Chaparral, and The Curator, as well as a limited-edition letterpress chapbook from Archteype Press. Amy lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband and tiny sons.

ISBN 978-1625492647, 102 pages

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