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Peter, Poems by Lauren Rose

Peter is a cohesive work that explores the ravages of grief and discovery of life we find within pain. Rose’s lyrical voice, philosophical analysis of biology, and connection with nature carry the reader through the wilderness of the grieving process. Together, the poems are a journey from loss and despair to healing and gratitude. Examinations of aliveness, spirituality, and mortality tell a large story of deeply human experiences. This organic collection is a tale that urgently needs to be seen by those who know loss.

Sample Poems by Lauren Rose

“Lauren Rose’s debut poetry collection, Peter, is an elegiac tribute that reveals a personal, intimate picture of family relationships, at the center of which is a beloved uncle. Shot through with grief and loss, the book ultimately sounds an affirmative note with its insistence on the transformational power of love that endures for a lifetime, and beyond. It is a soulful celebration of familial love.”— June Sylvester Saraceno

“Lauren Rose’s Peter is drenched with grief—gutting, wrenching grief—yet a deep celebration of life also courses through its pages. Rose reminds us to worship atoms and water and ‘the tissue of the planet,’ reminds us to marvel even at the dying of the light. An inspiring, clear-eyed, open-hearted collection.” —Gayle Brandeis